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A dazzling smile, vibrant personality and oodles of talent. Nimrat Kaur is all set to make a mark in Bollywood world.


Nimrat Kaur, with her impeccable acting in The Lunchbox movie, it sure seems like the journey to stardom has already begun for this debutant! The Bollywood newbie is beautiful, talented besides she bowled the movie lovers with her role of an ordinary married woman in the much-acclaimed movie. From music albums, advertisements to theatre, Nimrat has been there and experienced acting in all forms. Needless to say, Bollywood has welcomed her with arms wide open. 

The real Nimrat is? How would you describe yourself?

Nimrat: She is yet to be found. She is adventurous, bad with money management, loves cats and loves to travel.

How did Bollywood happen to you?
Nimrat:It was a turn of life for me. The best thing to happen to me, perhaps the best surprise that I could have asked for!  I was doing plays, theatre happened for 5-6 years and then a script came to me at an interesting point of my career. Lunchbox just came to me from nowhere and changed my life.

How do you unwind after a hard day at work?
Nimrat I meet up friends over coffee, dinner or come back home to my cats, which helps me unwind and is therapeutic.

What does a regular day look for you?
Nimrat I go through my yoga session or go for a run on the beach. I go for my costume trials or read scripts which keep me occupied.

Your favorite fashion city would be?
Nimrat New York undoubtedly! I love the city; it’s got pulse, its throbbing with life. It’s got music, dance, plays, so it’s unbelievably fantastic. A stunning place and I think I loved being there the most.

Your favorite designers in India and abroad are?
Nimrat In India I love Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s work. His attires complement the body type of a woman perfectly well. Abroad I like Channel a lot as his line is clean and classic.  I own 1-2 of their styles.

What is your personal style like?
Nimrat It’s always changing. I like to wear attires which reflect my personality, complement my structure and body type or make me look the best. I love experimenting with my looks.

What would you wear to a holiday?
Nimrat I guess I would wear dresses, feminine evening dress or overalls or jumpsuits. Even denim shirt or tunic dress would be good.

What would you wear for a red carpet or a formal event?
Nimrat A sari or a gown!

Do you think there is someone in the industry who you look up to or admire for his/her style?
Nimrat Sonam Kapoor. She has great style; I love the way she puts her clothes together. She is classy and wears stuff which goes with her body type.

Your most prized possession would be?
Nimrat A hand-woven red phulkari dupatta. I love it, it’s very old and has been passed on to me by my mother. I wear it once in a while matching it with my attire.

Must-haves in your wardrobe would be? 
Nimrat A white shirt, brown leather belt, nude pumps, well cut pair of denim jeans and shirt.

Your most expensive buy so far?

Nimrat My watch, it’s an YWC which was love at first sight. It’s a black piece with a big dial. It looks manly and gorgeous.

Your take on size zero would be?
Nimrat I think it does not exist anymore. Everyone is comfortable with their shape, size, color or skin.  There is plenty of variety now. I have never wanted to be size zero or very thin though I like to be fit or in best shape.

Tell us about TV show Homeland?

Nimrat It was absolutely satisfying. It was such an honor to be a part of a cast featuring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin, and I was given such amazing scenes to do. It was a truly enriching experience. She was more of a planner, she was brains, not fists. Seeing how well the new season of ‘Homeland’, featuring me, had been accepted, I’d only say I am glad I got this opportunity.

Tell us about Airlift besides the experience of working opposite Akshay Kumar? What made her do this film?
Nimrat I was very intimidated to work with him before I met him. Obviously anybody would be I guess. However, it takes a few seconds and then everything is very normal. It was great working in this film besides I got to learn a lot from Akshay. I am simply one film old, but to bag such a big film with him is an absolute honour. I am thankful to him! The storyline was very interesting which prompted me to sign this film. How I relate to the character was important for me. We have a genuine relationship in this film. It feels great to be a part of such a wonderful project.

What’s next for you in terms of work? 
Nimrat I am yet to find something or zero in on a film yet. I am reading a lot of scripts. Yes, I am open to any genre though I do not want to repeat myself. I can do a fun film or even a serious film, as long as it’s entertaining.

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