Law Of Attraction


Are you dashing into the gloom? Is the darkness of life winning the race against the bliss? Well, it is time for you to buckle up now, push away the sorrow and scream out loudly “I deserve to be happy”. Yes, you deserve to be happy, but, unfortunately certain people think just the opposite and make a big mess of their life, and then blame the Supreme Being “God” for being unfair.


There are many people who have done immense research on this and have written many books that state, “God is nowhere but within you, it’s power lies in you, what you think, you manifest.” This is absolutely true, if you have a strong belief, that your relationship won’t work, you will definitely go through a break up, God, is nowhere involved in it, it is you who manifest it. God created you, and the Law of Attraction: Wherein the Genie (known as the universe), says “Your wish is my command.” Whatever you think the Genie repeats the same, and you receive it in your life, good or bad, it completely depends on you and your thoughts.

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