INTERVIEW WITH FIRST EVER Runner Up WINNER OF Mister Worldwide Competition 2015 Aamir Shah From PAKISTAN

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  •  Q: How did it feel to become the first ever Runner UP Winner of Mister Worldwide Competition 2015?

    Aamir Shah: It feels amazing, it is honestly an unreal situation and sometimes I think to myself and go, “wow, I really achieved something great here”.

    It takes months, and years to become someone would want to perform. Individuals who love the craft and want to stay and go forward in the industry, those are the people who will succeed eventually. It takes time, you will go through many hardships and struggles, but it is worth it.

    I think my story is motivating because I know my fans saw the work I put in and the struggles I went through, the self-doubt involved as well but in the end there was an achievement which made it all worth it. I hope every artist in Pakistan who is trying to make a name for themselves gets to where they wish to be.

    Q: What is the inspiration behind your new album that’s coming out?

    Aamir Shah: Few years back i left singing owing to some reason being, so am more focused to do work international and do my country name as we youth think of it.

    Q: Do you plan on Acting and performing for the television industry?

    Aamir Shah: I have been doing acting and modelling with different Drama serials, also have done one movie and short movie for Pakistan. TV commercials , Fashion shows .However, let’s see what happens. There are so many things involved when working for a drama serial, and first and foremost the drama script needs to speak to me, needs to give me inspiration as well.

    Q: What is your next move going forward?

    Aamir Shah: This is just the beginning for me from there I will start working on another projects. Wherever and whenever inspiration strikes I will create another piece.

    Q: Who are you favorite singers? And the genre that gives you most inspiration?

    Aamir Shah: Sufi music gives me the most inspiration and one of my favorite singers is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and of course Abida Parveen and my Bollywood favorites are Atif Aslam and Arjit Singh

    Q: What about your favorite song?

    Aamir Shah: Is qadar payar hai By Sonu Nigham.

    Q: You are a very handsome man and please share with us how you feel when you are complimented for your good looks and physique?

    Aamir Shah: It feels great whenever someone admires me and as far as media person is concerned, it’s an achievement of an artist when people praise about personality and work.

    Q: How do you keep yourself in good shape? Is it just God gifted or you have to work hard in the gym?

    Aamir Shah: Undoubtedly it’s a blessing that I have got good shape but yes Gym & Walk is in my routine.

    Q: How did you feel when you performed at the first modeling assignment?

    Aamir Shah:  It was a dream come true but on the other side it was difficult as we don’t have proper training schools for modeling and acting. My first Pageant was Mister Manhunt back in 2011. In 2014 awarded as Mister Ambassador.

    Q: You are highly educated and we hope the education has helped you in life and in your current career. How do you manage combining your educational skills with acting and modelling?

    Aamir Shah: Education supports me in understanding the things and to handle different situations in good manners, in this era of globalization, where show biz industry is growing internationally, one must have enough education to cope up with multi requirements of the fashion field.

    Q: Any Plans for going in to Films?

    Aamir Shah: Big screen is another charm these days and I will definitely go if I am given a chance to show my skills. I have recently launched my brand by the name Aamir Heera. 

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