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Chai Wala Featured


A Pakistani tea seller with striking eyes who saw his life change overnight after a picture of him at work went viral, said Friday he was totally unaware of social media until recently, when boys and girls suddenly started thronging his tea stall to take selfies with him.

Arshad Khan, an 18-year-old with piercing light green eyes, initially became so nervous that he quit his job and went into hiding, fearing he might have done something wrong. But his fears quickly diminished after friends and relatives told him that it was his picture which made him popular and helped him become a model.

Sitting among his friends at tea stall in an Islamabad flea market where he worked until days ago, Khan said he had never dreamed he would become famous. But his life changed after a female freelance photographer, Javeria Ali, took his photo as he poured tea for a customer and shared it on Instagram, with a caption "Hot Tea."

Overnight, Khan became an internet sensation in Pakistan and beyond, with his picture shared thousands of times on social media with the hashtag #ChaiWala — or tea seller.

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