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What does being successful mean to you? Is it really important to be a winner all the time or in all the endeavors? You know there is a very strong secret behind being successful, and that is the power of failure.

Can you think of one person who became successful at just one go, no, there was nobody, even the richest man in the world had gone through a rough phase in life before he could stand at a place where he is today. Take an example of a small child, have you ever seen him walking on the first day of his birth, he takes time, learn to crawl then slowly and gradually and of course with time he learns to walk and one day he increase his pace and starts running, bur way before that he falls, he falls and then get up, and this is what exactly happen to all of us in life.

Failure is nothing, it is no big deal, and it is just an occasion when you fall before learning to walk or run, that’s all; however certain people have a tendency of taking failures too seriously. These days this is becoming one of the major reasons for children committing suicide, not only children but even adults, and the only reason behind them quitting their lives is “Failure”, which indirectly means that they could not learn their lessons and hence decided to walk out of the class.

Here in the class refers to “Life”, that’s what we are here for, to learn lessons, the terms “Success or Failures” are the ones that were brought out of minds, there are lot of things which even the most successful people are unaware of, and there are incredible things which you would know but feel spooked to commence or enhance them. Failure is not the end of the world, in fact it is an occasion that gives you an opportunity to learn, and do better next time, don’t go by the term, understand the essence of it, this is nothing negative and it does not mean that you can’t do well, in fact it shows you your potential which, if you would have used, then you would for sure have succeeded.

Success comes when you learn to overcome the obstacles, which you can never do without learning lessons, and the failures in life teach you those lessons. It is up to you whether you want to learn and move on or, stay there and wait for the doom to decide things for you; you can be the creator of your destiny all you need you to do is, buckle up.

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