Travelling With Yourself!


“Travelling with yourself, just yourself is like learning new lessons each day…!”

The globe is full of myriad countries and cities, the question is do we remember all of them?, of course not, there are places which people have not even heard, but they do exist. What makes us remember various places, the fun, beauty, adventure, or the peace? There are countless places you may visit in order to have a ball, but there are a few places which provide you ample of time to understand your existence, such places are the perfect getaways, if you are tired of being a part of the noisy crowd and feel that now what is needed for you is nothing but “Peace”.

 Easter Island:Easter-Island

 This is an amazing place to be at and rejuvenate yourself; this island is famed for some of the most gorgeous looking statues also known as moai. These statues are not just created to attract tourists; it has amazing mysterious caves, awesome beaches and superb volcano. This is one of those kinds of places which you can even travel alone for fun and in order to relax yourself.

Trisan da Cunha:tristan da chuna

If you are looking for some deadly isolated situated place, it is the one you must visit. Trisan da Cunha, is located in the British overseas territory, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. One thing you must be aware about this place is, when it comes to being alone, it actually means that you’ll completely cut off from the world once you are here, the beauty of this place will not let you think about anything else. It is not very easy to reach here, and you will not find many tourists here.


This is a fantastic place if you want to experience immense peace and silence despite of myriad tourists being around. This is one place located in India, which no doubt has a lot of attractions, still, people tend to stay inside their rooms and enjoy relaxing in there, peace is something that is there in the aura of Dharamshala.

Mount Abu:mountabu

Not many people have refrained themselves from the exquisiteness of this implausible place. Mount Abu does not give you fun and joy, it gives you ease, it makes you feel as if you are somewhere where you do not need to rush, sit back relax, and enjoy..!! That’s what people visit Mount Abu for, like all other tourist destinations it also has a lot of attractions, but it truly is meant for something else.

These are some of the best places you can visit if you are truly sick and tired of the hustle bustle of life, relax, you deserve to be at peace, so why not attain it?

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