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Children the blessing of GOD in glad tidings. They are the bright future of tomorrow. They are the hope s of better tomorrows and buds that will grow into stronger future prospects. Self-confidence is the necessary evil in upbringing a child. Those who lack behind in confidence, lack behind in the accomplishments in life. Hence looking into the development of a child’s confidence is the key.

This requires the right amount of encouragement. And by that we mean the accurate proportion of encouragement fed to them that makes them realize the worth of tasks / good deeds performed. Overdose might affect them or due to it they might fall back in deriving the meaning out of it. Spirited self-esteem is a child’s weapon. Children who have an idea about their strengths and weaknesses prove better at performance be it relations, tasks or handling conflicts. Ofcousrse this is a product of confidence.

So today we will highlight on factors that help a child achieve the right level of confidence for their well-developed personalities and well-balanced life.

1: Do not overpraise your children. This only boosts the negative superiority of self in them. T brings them more harm and damage than no-praise at all. The child learns to under rate other people and thus lack in major ‘people-skills’. Hence a big NO to it. So to build confidence in children say NO to overpraising.
2: Let your child become a challenger. The child should have a heart fearless to taking risks and exploring more options. Allow your child to come up with their own solutions while performing any activity rather than sticking to the conventional-fed knowledge and methods. This boosts the level of self-confidence in children and ignites the spark of ‘I can do it’ in them.
3: Let your children make their own decision and choices and make them learn to take responsibility on their decisions. This teaches them sense of responsibility and elates the level of self confidence in children.
4: Let them help around d the house chores this not only raises the level of self-confidence but also teaches them about the binding trust.Hence it is a very good confidence booster in children.
5: Encourage your children to follow their interest/ dreams. Allow them to do what they want to do. Implication of parent-fed choices drains their energy and enthusiasm towards achieving something. Trust them; let them handle their things their own way. This helps the self-confidence in a child to increase.

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