Beautiful and influential Women


Here are several women globally who have a special and a unique charm as they have some typical quality that attracts every individual. They may be successful in the field, they are working in or may be the most beautiful even at a certain age or anything that differs from others.


Coming to the most beautiful women in this New Year they are not only beautiful, but are even talented and there are a number of women who are very much successful.

Angelina Jolie: This 38 year old actress is also a film director and a screen writer who has received several academy awards and golden globe awards is one of the highest paid actresses for several years and the most beautiful women.Angelina-Jolie


Halle Berry: Former model and an American actress who is 47 look young, and the first women who played a leading role in the Oscar winning movie. This charming lady is one of the most beautiful women in the world.halle_berry_headshot


Emma Stone: This 25 year old young actress has a number of hits in Hollywood and considered to be the cute and the sexy women who have a gorgeous appeal.Emma-Stone


Rachel Weiz: Most popular through several Hollywood movies Rachel Weiz is the most beautiful British women who have a special place for her pretty looks and adorable appeal. She won several awards including the most prestigious Oscar for her performance in several movies.


Jessica Alba: Film actress and a fashion model Jessica is one of the most voted as a sexiest and a desirable women.67023_9C_065_V2


Eva Mendes, Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis, Jeniffer Lawerence, Jeniffer Lopez, Hillary Duff, Cindy Crawford, Trya Banks, Bar Refaeli, Rebecca Romijin and many more are one of the beautiful women in the year 2014.

Not only beautiful, but there are a few women who are the most influential and powerful personalities who are gaining a lot of better positions in the fields.


Angela Merkel: This lady is a German chancellor who is one the most powerful ladies. She has a credit of being the first woman chancellor of Germans.


Alison Watkins: The new CEO of Coca-cola is the second women CEO of several top Australian companies.


Guen Hye Park: The first female president of South Korea and is having successful second term is one of the most influential and powerful women in the world.


America’s Next Top Model Is…”

Queen Raina: This pretty lady of Jordan is not only pretty to look at but is an extraordinary woman who is hard working to distribute the quality education to all the Jordanians. She is a highly influential person and is also known to be the new age Mother Teresa.


Dilma Rousseff: This powerful lady is the president of Brazil and a perfect political woman.


Dr. Janet Yelle: She is the new Governor of the Bank of England and is the first lady in to head the Fed in its vast history.


Christina Fernandez de Kirchner: the current president of Argentina is the reason of the country economic position.

Mary McAleese, Michelle Bachelet, Margaret Chan, Jill Abramson, Virginia Rometty, Ellen Johnson and several other ladies are very much influential are achieving several awards and are playing a crucial role in attaining a better position.

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