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If you want to find the best airfare deal on your travel this year, a new report suggests booking about two months in advance for travel within North America, and to do so on the weekend.

Those are among some of the findings in “Preparing for Takeoff: Air travel outlook for 2016” prepared jointly by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia, which mined through reams of air travel data over the last two years to come up with a forecast on travel trends in 2016.

Overall, results suggest that flyers can save 10% for economy class travel within North America if they buy tickets about two months -- specifically 57 days -- in advance.

For long-haul flights, lead times are longer: The best deals for travel from North America to Europe for instance, are predicted to be found about six months out for a savings of 11%.

Travelers in North America looking to fly to Asia-Pacific in 2016 may also want to get organized, as booking five months out can save them up to 13%. Contrary to their findings last year which identified Tuesday as the best day of the week to book, this year’s report found that odds of scoring a good deal run high when booking on the weekend.


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