Thousands protest in US over police injustices


BALTIMORE: Thousands of people demonstrated in major cities along the US East Coast on Wednesday demanding an end to what they say is police brutality, after a young African-American man died of injuries sustained in custody in Baltimore.



The biggest show of people power was in Baltimore itself, where several thousand mostly young demonstrators paralyzed several city blocks in a major rally through downtown to City Hall.


Thousands more protested in New York, Boston and the capital Washington in solidarity.

The protests were overwhelmingly peaceful and good-natured, although New York police detained several demonstrators and emotions were running high.


What appears to be a growing movement for change was centered on Baltimore, where a rally that started at the main train station included black and white demonstrators, some of them linking arms and chanting: "No justice, no peace! No racists, no peace!"


Many in the march, which appeared to be gathering momentum, were high school or college students.


"We´re protesting the ongoing injustices that police have perpetrated on black men particularly. Police are trigger-happy and we need to stop that," Jonathan Brown, 19, a student at Johns Hopkins University, told AFP.


And he warned: "If you can´t get your way through non-violent means because the aggressor is violent, other action needs to be taken."


Some in the huge crowd held placards, one reading, "Killer cops deserve cell blocks." A few wore shirts with the words, "Amnesty International observer."


The 2,000 National Guard personnel who have flooded Baltimore this week kept a low profile, although authorities have said they are primed to swoop should the march spark unrest like that which flared following the funeral of Freddie Gray, 25, on Monday.


Gray´s death was the latest instance in the United States of a black man succumbing at the hands of police -- a situation that has stirred resentment among African Americans who believe they are targeted by police.


That anger also sparked coast-to-coast demonstrations in major US cities last year after a white policeman shot dead an unarmed black teenager in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson in August.


Baltimore authorities urged calm and warned that they would again enforce a citywide curfew beginning at 10:00 pm (0200 GMT Thursday) and lasting until 5:00 am.


Tuesday night´s curfew was largely respected, although police made 35 arrests during the night and warned that they were assessing the volatile situation minute-by-minute.


Maryland State Governor Larry Hogan said he had been "very encouraged" by the last 24 hours and said a semblance of normality was returning to Baltimore, a gritty city of 620,000 about an hour´s drive from Washington.


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