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Chicago Auto Show 2016-February 13-21, 2016!


Auto shows have always excelled in bringing vehicles and buyers together. As early as 1901, auto shows helped change the way the nation traveled by introducing the horseless carriage to a wary consumer. Today, cars, trucks and crossovers are more complicated than ever. Safety and connectivity technologies only dreamed about few years ago are commonplace on mainstream automobiles. Once again, the auto show plays a critical role in helping educate buyers as the industry embraces new technologies.

The Chicago Auto Show, the nation’s largest, shines as a perfect example of the modern-day auto show. Chicago welcomes traditional and digital journalists, social influencers and broadcast media in a way that engages with its large consumer audience to create the perfect storm that helps jump-start sales.

Last year, Foresight Research, recognized by the industry for its auto show marketing research, measured major auto shows across the nation. In its most recent immersion study, Foresight held up Chicago as the leading consumer show in the nation. In fact, Chicago came out on top in every measurable metric including having a higher number of purchasers and providing more influence on the purchasing decision than any other show in the nation.

Indeed, Chicago is the nation’s consumer show. This February, every mainstream automaker will participate -- each building some of the largest auto show displays in the world. In addition, a spacious venue like McCormick Place provides showgoers the opportunity to sample from three indoor test tracks and six outdoor test drives.

Finally, the Chicago Auto Show activates its huge consumer attendance with effective social media campaigns and an industry-leading beacon program allowing consumers to interact with exhibitors electronically, providing an enhanced and engaging experience.

When it comes down to it, auto shows have always been about selling cars. In this way, Chicago continues to be perfectly positioned to be the voice of the consumer for an industry on track to sell 17 million vehicles in 2015.

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