Uber Helicopter Rides


Think of ride-share services like Uber and Lyft!


only late at night after a few too many drinks, or when you have a flat tire and need to get to work, you may soon need to start broadening your thinking. That should include flights.

The European airplane maker Airbus is investing a lot of money into new opportunities for you to tap your ride-share app and get a lift. You will soon be able to get a lift in a helicopter.

Airbus's $150 million-funded, United States-based Airbus Ventures is partnering with ride-share company Uber to pick you up in its H125 and H130 helicopters. If you're going to this month's Sundance Film Festival in Utah, you'll be among the first people to ever take Uber by air.

The partnership so far has few details, other than saying they're working on a mutually beneficial partnership that could open up new opportunities for them, as well as people needing a quick lift to the airport, a vacation destination, or a film festival. No word yet on how much an Uber helicopter ride will cost.

Source: NBC News

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